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Pancoast tumor are a very special class of lung cancers that occur at the very top of the lung. Tumors in this location can be very difficult to identify because they can cause shoulder and hand pain and other symptoms that are not usually associated with lung cancer. It is not unusual for patients to be given an orthopedic diagnosis prior to the realization that a tumor is really the cause of their symptoms.

Removal of these types of tumors is highly specialized because of the surrounding structures that can be involved, including the ribs, vertebral column, vessels, and nerves. Treatment usually includes chemotherapy and radiation either before or after surgery. Few surgeons in the state of Florida have the experience to successfully remove Pancoast tumors. Dr. Sommers has one of the biggest, if not the biggest experience in the state with these difficult tumors. Don't hope that you will get a surgeon with the necessary experience to tackle a Pancoast tumor: make sure, and call Dr. K Eric Sommers for a consultation.

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