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Surgery for esophageal cancer can be one of the most difficult and demanding operations that a patient can face. Studies have shown that surgeons who do not perform this type of surgery on a regular basis no not have as good results as those who are "high volume" esophageal surgeons. Dr. Sommers meets or exceeds any definition of experience in esophageal cancer surgery.

The trend in esophageal cancer is to combine surgery with other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation which can make surgery for esophageal cancer even harder for patient and surgeon. If you or a loved one is facing surgery for esophageal cancer, make sure your team includes an experienced surgeon who had the expertise to minimize the possibilities of problems. Ask specific questions about their experience and results. If you are left with doubts, insist on a second opinion.

If you have been referred for surgery to Dr. Sommers, he will communicate and collaborate with your doctor to make sure that you get the best possible outcome from your operation.

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